As some of you may remember, Rob and I are trying to visit every pub in Cambridge. There were 92 when we first moved over and we’ve visited a lot of them! However, we’ve only posted 34.  A shocking effort!

So here is a catchup of pubs mostly from the past year, but some are from ages ago. Yes, there were some from the early days that we forgot to post. But never mind that, we’re posting them now!

Quinns is an Irish pub with big screens and lots of sports. We went to watch Ireland play New Zealand in rugby for the 2010 European Tour. The ABs smashed Ireland quite solidly, if memory serves, and we were the only kiwis in this busy pub. We kept quiet to one side, only took a couple of photos and left as soon as the game finished. We’ve never actually been back to Quinns since as we prefer The White Swan for our rugby now.

Cambridge Pubs - Quinns Cambridge Pubs - Quinns

 Revolution is really a bar more than a pub but its on the list. We went there in 2010 to watch the FIFA World Cup final between Spain and The Nederlands. It was a controversial but exciting match (with an excessive number of yellow cards), but an unimaginative bar. So here is a photo from outside.

Cambridge Pubs - Revolution

However, The Eagle is a much more interesting pub. Originally opened in 1667, in 1953 it was where Francis Crick and James Watson “discovered the secret of life” after they came up with their proposal for the structure of DNA. It also has an interesting sight to see – the back bar ceiling is covered in American RAF signatures from World War II. They used their lighters to burn the lettering in, and the bar keeps it lacquered to preserve them. It’s a wonderful pub and we do recommend it!

Cambridge Pubs - The Eagle

Cambridge Pubs - The Eagle Cambridge Pubs - The Eagle

Cambridge Pubs - The Eagle

There are another 2 pubs in town on the list, but they’re both actually bars by New Zealand standards as well. Baroosh and All Bar One are very trendy spots to be on a Friday or Saturday night for a cocktail or a wine rather than a pint. They’re on the list as well though, so we’ve visited them too,

Cambridge Pubs - Baroosh Cambridge Pubs - All Bar One

There are plenty of other local pubs in different suburbs to explore and some of them had become our favourites. The Free Press is a cute and quaint local pub with plain wood interiors, hand pulled ales and a delicious menu. Last time we went there was with Rob’s Dad, Barry.

Cambridge Pubs - The Free Press

Cambridge Pubs - The Free Press

Just 20m down the road is another unique and cute pub, The Elm Tree, which has a busy and extravagant interior. Notice the walls behind us are full of knick knacks! They have a regular guest ales on tap, and let you order a tasting board of different ales too if you like. A brilliant wee place.

Cambridge Pubs - The Elm Tree

Cambridge Pubs - The Elm Tree

At the end of last winter, we went to The Brook for Rob’s end of year team drinks. The pub itself is basically a football pub with an outdoor area too. Rob won Manager’s Player of the Season and his team mate Paul won Player’s Player of the Season. The fellas joked that the prizes were for the Best Looking Players – the boys are certainly handsome!

Cambridge Pubs - The Brook

Cambridge Pubs - The Brook

Another pub that’s near to where we live is The Alexandra Arms. We visited it last summer for the Gwydir Street Party where the pub was serving beers for takeaway into plastic cups. Unfortunately, it got 1/5 for its food safety rating last year so we’ve been reluctant to return. We’ll see if the rating improves! A lovely looking pub though.

Cambridge Pubs - The Alexandra Arms

The Flying Pig is a rock music pub. The interior is covered with concert posters and album covers, but its often too busy to sit inside! Its the nearest pub to the cinema that we like to have a drink at so we’ve been a few times. Great pub!

Cambridge Pubs - The Flying Pig

Lucky last for this blog post is from yesterday. After my hockey game (which we won!) we went to a new pub, The Burleigh Arms, which had a lovely warm interior, nice food and a busily clientele. We quite liked it and might go visit it again in future!

Cambridge Pubs - Burleigh Arms

Cambridge Pubs - Burleigh Arms Cambridge Pubs - Burleigh Arms

So there’s our annual pub visit post and it gets our total up to 45 pubs! We still have a few to go.

We best get drinking then! 😀

Until next time…

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