We’ve been back in New Zealand almost a year now. In a few days, it will have been a whole year since we left Cambridge. Time has just *flown* by, but I’ll admit I’ve been avoiding this post, talking about Cambridge and leaving it behind.

Cambridge was a beautiful city with beautiful sights to see, whether summer or winter. So maybe I won’t tell about what we will miss, but just show you instead.

King's College

Stunning Stained Windows

Amazing Fan Vaulting Rob Punting

King's College from the river

Beautiful Cambridge

Riverside at The Plough

Parker's Piece

Winter Parker's Piece

Frozen River Cam

Merry Christmas

We enjoyed our lifestyle in Cambridge. We had a lovely terraced house there, in a good community, with great friends and interesting work. We haven’t put photos of all our friends here, but if you peruse our pubs posts, you’ll see them all there! You guys know who you are! 🙂

Our Little Street!

Little wobbly bike Spooky door

Living done here

Breakfast table deocrations

cam17 210new Outrunning the Opposition

Pints glasses at the Cambridge Beer Festival

Our last weekend in Cambridge. Mostly made up of packing things, selling things, giving away things to charity stores and cleaning our house. One precious thing we packed was our set of fridge magnets. For every country we visited, we bought a fridge magnet. Holland, The Vatican, Monaco, France, Germany, Turkey, Scotland, Austria, Luxembourg, England, Spain, Wales, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic and some miscellaneous like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, California and Texas (In the US, we’ll do one per state). These are all in storage now, but were great fun to collect. We’ll probably keep up the habit for future holidays too.

Fridge magnets

Our last weekend was busy, but we did make sure to have some down time. This is a snap at our favourite cafe in Cambridge, Black Cat Cafe, owned and run by a New Zealand woman, Nancy, and her daughter Tess. We went there every weekend during our 4 years, without fail, for the delicious coffees, freshly baked muffins and yum eggs benedict. It was great to go twice in our last weekend while we were sorting things out.

Black Cat Cafe Cambridge

Once everything was clean and packed with a great amount of help from our friends Richard and Sam, we made our last train trip down to London. We were staying there one night before flying out to NZ on Monday morning.

Cleaning in Cambridge

Empty Cambridge

Wonderfully, we got to catchup with these amazing people before we left. Our London CompSci Crew! 🙂

CompSci London Farewell

CompSci London Farewell

We had an amazing 4 years in Cambridge and the UK. We’ll be back some day, but until then – thanks for all the memories everyone!


Liz and Rob

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  1. Oh! That weekend we all come up and punted was a great one – and when you came down to hang out on my couch, that was great too! And the New Years at Chipping Campden and your little terrace house! Oh we miss you guys!!! You should come back xx

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