So, after a wonderful week out at Wendy’s and Abbey’s place, we went to crash at Caroline’s for a few nights. She had a beautiful whare with Gareth a couple of other kiwis out in Chiswick.

Lovely Living Room

They lived in a 3 bedroom place with separate bathroom, separate luandry and a good sized living room. We also love the size of the garden!

Beautiful Garden

Of course, it was great to see Caroline and Gareth. They cooked us NZ roast lamb that first night we were in. Fantastic stuff!

Kiwi Roast? It's Caro!

Down the road from their place in a public park, someone has carved and painted a dead tree there. Such an unexpected and pleasant sight in your normal suburb area.

A Carved Tree

Thanks for having us Caro! Was so wonderful to see you guys. 🙂

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