Recently, Rob and I took a week long roadtrip up to the Scottish Highlands and back again. I wanted to get out the city for a bit and get some space. There was plenty of that. I loved the mountains! The Highlands are amazing. A different kind of beauty to the mountains and lakes in NZ, but beautiful all the same. Below are 2 of the Three Sisters of Glen Coe. The main road runs past them and they seem […]


For easter weekend, we decided to go for a roadtrip to North Wales. We had been told to expect castles, mountains and rain. We didn’t climb any mountains but weren’t disappointed on the other points. The castles were amazing and it rained most of the time we were there. But first we had to get to Wales. We convinced a couple of Rob’s friends from NZ (M&M) to join us on our wee adventure. First adventure stop was the town […]


We still haven’t managed to leave Britain yet for any of our trips. Darn it! But still, there are many beautiful things still to see in the UK. We decided to head out for a daytrip to one of them for a special treat. Norfolk is one of the neighbouring regions to Cambrigdeshire here and it’s coast bends from the north side of Norfolk round to the East. We wanted to go up to the North to visit some sights […]


We’ve mentioned before that Rob has a 45 minute commute to work (1.5hrs return) every day of the week. Previously, he had been paying petrol money to a coworker, but we were looking for our own ride. So, about a month ago, we finally *finally* bought a car. It’s a beautiful red Honda Jazz. 4 doors, 2 airbags, manual transmission, 1.2 litre and made in 2007. Whoop whoop! We like it much.


When we moved to Cambridge, we immediately started hearing about that ‘other’ university city. It was older than Cambridge. It was bigger than Cambridge. Apparently, it was better than Cambridge. Feathres a tad ruffled,  we decided to go visit this older sister for a weekend. A bit of learning was to be had. Bedford It was just the beginning of autumn so it was beautiful driving through the english countryside with the different coloured trees. We decided to stop over […]