When we got back to Auckland, we had a few days to spend time with our families. One of our days was spent at Auckland Zoo, which has developed quite a bit since we last went a few years ago. We went with Mum, Matta and my younger cousins Emere, Hana T and Takimoana. The kids must’ve played on every playground in the whole zoo as we wandered around. We loved the new tiger enclosure. There’s a pool right next […]


On the way home from Bournemouth after our lovely time in the sun, we stopped off at a Wildlife park in Southampton – the New Forest Wildlife Park. The main reason we wanted to go was to see owls and otters, and we certinaly weren’t disappointed! The otters were a highlight though. There were 7 little guys in this one in enclosure (they were all quite young) and they were continually crying and mewling up until feeding time. They were […]


Another little day trip, and this time to satisfy my need to see a red squirrel. Or a badger. Or some kind of native British animal. I’d settle for some owls. I think we can manage that much. So, we went to a nearby wildlife park for a visit – Shepreth Wildlife Park. Yea. We’d been warned that it was a small park, but nice. And it was small but crammed with animals. Most of the animals there were very […]


So, we have NEWS! Firstly, Rob has accepted the job offer from Bosch and starts work on the 9th August. YAY! He’ll be working in Bosch Gardening in a town called Stowmarket an hour from Cambridge. Considering Dyson was 3 hours away, Bosch is a much more manageable commute. Our second bit of news is that we have found a rental property and move in on the 7th or 8th of August. YAY! It’s a little 2 storey Victorian terraced […]


So, last week John and Matta came over to visit Rob and me, which was *great*. We didn’t actually *do* alot. There was a lot of hanging out with our Rusden mates, and playing pool, and watching movies. But there was also activities. Down at Docklands (Melbourne’s version of Viaduct) in front of one of the Sea Shepherd ships. We took the boys to a Footy match (aka Aussie Rules). Richmond Tigers vs Sydney Swans. The Swans kicked ass, but […]


Hey everyone. So this is a big PHOTOS post but also a busy day post, coz Rob and I did the tourist thing here. So, for those of you who don’t know or haven’t seen, the last time I saw the whanau korowai (feather cloak), it looked like this: And I don’t think I’ll see any more til graduation. Exciting! But here are a couple of pictures of my new apartment. It will be furnished, with couch and tv cabinet […]