We’ve had a full season of both soccer and hockey. We’ve gotten to know a bunch of great people and filled many of our weekends. Good points all round. It was also great that we got to have a run around and not turn into beer drinking slugs at the local pub. We’ve only got 1 or 2 games left for the season. My team is in mid-table obsurity. Rob’s is 3rd or 4th in their grade. Bring on next […]


There’s this famous street graffiti artist who makes his graffiti out of ceramic tiles. It makes his work quite distinctive and its often photographed and recorded. We haven’t seen any yet, though there is some around London. We were inspired by his work, this artist called Invader, and decided to emulate his style in a mundane application – clocks. First thing was to come up with some designs. Next we get some tiles. This was more challenging than we anticipated. […]


Another little day trip, and this time to satisfy my need to see a red squirrel. Or a badger. Or some kind of native British animal. I’d settle for some owls. I think we can manage that much. So, we went to a nearby wildlife park for a visit – Shepreth Wildlife Park. Yea. We’d been warned that it was a small park, but nice. And it was small but crammed with animals. Most of the animals there were very […]