During our 4 years in the UK, we visited 27 different Harry Potter film locations. Some of these sights were ‘because we could’ ones, like going to Lambeth Bridge because the Knight bus drove over it, or visiting the touristy Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross station. But the directors of the films also picked some amazing and iconic locations, some of which I would never have visited because of a tour guide, but ended up being some of the most […]


Over the last year or 2, I’ve been continuing to visit various Harry Potter film sights around the country (dragging Rob along with me). This post almost finishes the whole list of Harry Potter sights I aimed to see! Let’s start at the beginning. One of the more iconic sights from the first few films is Platform 9 3/4 – a brick wall between train platforms. However, for the first couple of years I was in Cambridge, Platform 9 3/4 […]


The other reason to see Christ Church College and the Bodelian Library is because Harry Potter was filmed here! XD So, all the photos on the left are screen caps from the movie, and all the photos on the right are snaps of us in the real location! The main stairwell up to the Dining Hall was used when Harry and his classmates first enter Hogwarts. The smaller images are screenshots from the movies, and the bigger images are pictures […]


Part 2 of our Oxford trip is definitely the more interesting part because we visited a couple of the famous colleges. In particular, we visited the Christ Church College and the Bodlelian Library. They were fantastic. We can see why these sights are the top things to visit in Oxford. Christ Church College Christ Church College is magnificent. Dripping with almost as much detail as King’s College in Cambridge, the stone work and architecture is stunning. The corridors and courtyards […]


When we moved to Cambridge, we immediately started hearing about that ‘other’ university city. It was older than Cambridge. It was bigger than Cambridge. Apparently, it was better than Cambridge. Feathres a tad ruffled,  we decided to go visit this older sister for a weekend. A bit of learning was to be had. Bedford It was just the beginning of autumn so it was beautiful driving through the english countryside with the different coloured trees. We decided to stop over […]