We still haven’t managed to leave Britain yet for any of our trips. Darn it! But still, there are many beautiful things still to see in the UK. We decided to head out for a daytrip to one of them for a special treat. Norfolk is one of the neighbouring regions to Cambrigdeshire here and it’s coast bends from the north side of Norfolk round to the East. We wanted to go up to the North to visit some sights […]


Mel just posted an awesome post about the London Underground – with pictures too! I never pulled out the camera while we were down in the stations or on the trains. But she did, and they are wonderful images. So here, courtesy of Mel, is the London Underground. “When Tonks and Mad-Eye turned up to escort them across London, they greeted them gleefully, laughing at the bowler hat Mad-Eye was wearing at an angle to conceal his magical eye and […]