Mel just posted an awesome post about the London Underground – with pictures too! I never pulled out the camera while we were down in the stations or on the trains. But she did, and they are wonderful images. So here, courtesy of Mel, is the London Underground.

“When Tonks and Mad-Eye turned up to escort them across London, they greeted them gleefully, laughing at the bowler hat Mad-Eye was wearing at an angle to conceal his magical eye and assuring him, truthfully, that Tonks, whose hair was short and bright pink again, would attract far less attention on the Underground.”

– Harry Potter: Order of the Pheonix

2 thoughts on “The London Underground”
  1. hi Liz,
    Not sure if you remember me from Bebo days altho I’m no longer on there. Anyway just wanted to drop by to give you a Bouquet for your Wonderful blog here………..even I’m learning much about architecture and english history through your eyes well, photos. I think JK Rawlings would love to meet you Liz, your passion for Harry leave me in giggles. Hope the winter snow and temps be kind to you both. Keep up with the blogging.


    Rangi (altho everyone calls me Kelly, even your mum and Anya)

    1. Kia ora Kelly,

      Thanks for visiting the blog and saying ‘Hi!’. I was barely on bebo, but do remember a Kelly. 🙂 I am a little too passionate about Harry Potter, I think, but it’s so much fun being here and seeing these sights! The weather is thankfully warming up a little, but it’ll take a while yet. We’re planning our summer holidays which will be great. Are you based in Australia? Where abouts?



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