Cambridge is just a little city. Population 120,000 not including students. There’s not a huge lot of shopping options.

So, we ordered some stuff online. Mr Vintage from NZ, of course. Needed to topup the kiwiana tshirt collection. Though I *swear* they bumped the prices because we overseas and not paying GST. Still, they were worth it.
I <3 NZ Keep New Zealand Beautiful

I’ve also been ordering things off etsy, an online crafty store where artistics and crafty people sell their wares. I bought A knitted hat and some knitted gloves. It’s going to get cold here! You should note the No. 8 fence wire tshirt, the new blanket for the couch, new blue stockings and moccasin slippers from the market!

A Selection of goods!

But of course, we’ve still been buying things for the house. So, importantly, we bought a TV (32″ LCD) and a pine TV unit. Cycled home, of course.

Argos TV Unit

Our living room is really coming together now. Photos to follow sometime…

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