We’ve been visiting some more pubs around Cambridge, and indeed we forgot to post one of our summer ones! Still, this post has 5 great pubs we’ve visited in Cambridge, and they’re all pretty great.

The Kingston Arms is one of our locals and a beauty at that.

The Blue Kingston Arms

It has a lovely beer garden out back and serves delicious food too!

Summer at Kingston Arms

Another local we’ve visited with top-notch food is The Geldart. We went up there on a Friday night and had a wonderful night.

The Geldart Burger at the Geldart

Rob has a burger and I had a stone cooked fillet steak. So yummy! We’ve been told to go back and try some of the specials, or the South African steaks. Zebra or Byson anyone?

Delicious Fillet Steak

The third local we visited recently was The Dobbler’s Inn. This was a high energy wee place, full of older locals who all knew each other! Was pretty awesome fun, and somewhere we may go to watch  some football matches in the future.

Dobbler's Inn I'm a monster!

We’ve been making the effort to visit some pubs in closer to town. Shock horror, I know! We’ve been so stuck on places that are a short wandering distance from the house, but it was time to venture further. So, we decided to try a pub because of its pizza. It’s called The Cow.

The Cow

The place served some great beers and had old church chairs at the tables. Neat!

Church chairs Beautiful Guinness

Thankfully the pizzas, while light on the toppings, were pretty delicious. We hadn’t found a woodfire pizza place we like in Cambridge yet, so was nice to find something on the good.

Pizzas at the Cow

This last pub we went to for a very sporty reason! This two storey pub has a few big screens and big crowds! It’s called The Avery.

The Avery

We caught up with a workmate to watch a football game, Man City vs Arsenal.
Arsenal won after Man City had a player sent off in the first half. Was a great game to watch and a great place to watch it!

With Sandish at the Avery

As we continue to tick off the pubs in Cambridge, we continue to find gems. I know I’m looking forward to visiting more! But as we get into winter, I’d like ones with cosy fireplaces and warm mulled wine.

I’m sure I’ll find pubs like that. More to come in the future.

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