Merry Christmas everyone!

We’ve been in London the past week for Christmas, and we’ll tell you all about that soon. We were tragically disappointed that it didn’t snow *during* Christmas, and all the snow had melted by Saturday anyway! But at least the week before we left, it had snowed properly in Cambridge, and was a beautiful white snowy sight to see.

Merry Christmas

We had a lovely walk around town enjoying the snowy look of the place, and wearing a Santa hats sent over by Rob’s Mum. But in our own backyard, there was so much more snow than the last bout of snow!!

Snowy backyard

We went into town and *loved* that fact that Parker’s Piece was completely whited out. Such a contrast from the summer photo!

Winter Parker's Piece

Parker's Piece

Town was so pretty (see the Christmas Card photo above!). The river was frozen, but there were still some brave souls going for a punt! And the market square was full of lights and had carolers singing carols. Very very christmasy!

Frozen River Cam Community Carolers

But, in a couple of days, we had left Cambridge behind for a time and took a train to London for Christmas. More to come on our adventures shortly!

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