While we were in Rome we ‘had’ to go see the Colosseum. And it didn’t disappoint.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum was started in 70AD and finished in 80AD. To celebrate its opening there was a 100 day festival where 5000 animals were slaughtered in gladiatorial battles. Joy.

Outside the Colosseum

Marble remains in the Colosseum

Marble seating in the Colosseum

While we were at the Colosseum we went on a tour (which I recommend) where we got to see under where the stage would’ve been, and also up to the very top story. The underground was pretty neat though.

The Colosseum Underground corridors

They took you down below the stage piece that they had constructed. It probably also provides structural support to the areas where the tour ran.

Under the Colosseum

The Colosseum Underground

Rob in the Colosseum Underground

They showed us where all the lifts and pulleys were as well as where they kept their boats for mock sea battles… yes BOATS! They actually flooded the Colosseum for these battles.

Underground storage at the Colosseum

Under the Colosseum there were actually 2 levels. Above there were 4, seating 50,000 people.

2 storeys under the Colosseum

Surviving brick floors at the Colosseum

The Colosseum was actually nicknamed after a statue of Nero that was situated outside (shown below) and was rather large, 30m tall, and people went to the arena with the colossus outside.

Where the Colosseus stood

The other nickname The Arena was given because the floor was sand, and arena is Italian for sand.

Looking down into the Colosseum

On the Stage at the Colosseum

If you are ever in this part of the world I would highly recommend going to see this magnificent building.

Colosseum panoramic

Liz and Rob in Rome

3 thoughts on “Rome – The Colosseum”
    1. Phenomenal right? It truly is huge. What’s kind of sad is that it used to be completely covered in white marble – but most of that was pilfered for St Peter’s Basilica. The Holy Empire was built out of the Roman Empire, eh?

  1. The structure was never flooded and this is a wives tail. It also only held 20,000 people.. Sounds like you got a fake tour. I suggest Dark Night tours with true professionals.

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