On our Scottish adventure we decided to see a bit of Davidson family history. So we headed north er, just past Inverness, to a town called Dingwall. Here, situated at the top of the hill, is Tulloch Castle, the ancestral home of the Davidson clan.


Tulloch Castle was bought by Henery Davidson in 1762 and stayed in the family until the 20th century.

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The castle is decorated inside and out with Davidson crests, tartan, and memorabilia. They even have Davidson tartan for the carpet and some curtains.

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Out back, there is a little museum which we were lucky enough to get a look at as well.

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In the museum there are all kinds of Davidson memorabilia and history. There even used to be a tunnel from Tulloch castle all the way to Dingwall castle, though it’s collapsed now.

Inside the Davidson clan museum

Tulloch castle may be the seat of clan Davidson, however the homeland of clan Davidson is actually south of Loch Ness. This is where you will find my Kilt wearing drunken relatives, and I’m jealous.

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I would have to say that visiting Tulloch castle was one of my favourite things in Scotland!

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One thought on “Scotland – Tulloch Castle, where Davidsons Run Free”
  1. I may have recieved some messages from relatives of the davidsons clan as i once had a clairvoyant ability and practised in the local church in Newcastle Upon Tyne years ago. I have written poetry for years of which i am unsure if it was all my own inspiration. Some of these messages have confused and frightened me. Sarah atkinson i hear states her name. I am unsure why i have recieved messages over time. But i was asked to contact a Mr ledweller, Dingwall castle scotland. Im unsure if Mr ledweller is a ghost because i see that there is a place called dingwall but unsure if theyre is a castle called Dingwall castle. Never mind , i have communicated this here and leave my e mail address as above if this means anything to anyone.

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