This year, I (Rob) turned 30 and I was lucky enough to receive some lovely presents. One of them was a hot air balloon ride over Cambridgeshire. First thing’s first – we helped setup the balloon. It was an nice calm afternoon, perfect for some lazy lofting about in the sky. The prevailing wind would normally drift the balloon toward Cambridge itself to see the colleges, but there was very little breeze at all. It was still very relaxing. The […]


One of my last hockey games was an hour North of Cambridge in a wee city called Peterborough. Now, we had been told 2 different perspectives of Peterborough. One was that of the tourist book – Peterborough has a stunning cathedral housing the grave of Katherine of Aragon and a pretty market square. The other view from Cambridge locals was that, well, Peterborough was a bit of hole and only worth visiting for the having the only passport office in […]