Hello peoples,

So, I’ve made the move from Auckland, New Zealand to Melbourne, Australia. Hooray! Today is a day of flat hunting and making contacts with people here. But, Melbourne is totally concerned with the Commonwealth Games. *sigh* The hype, the hype! The Queen’s here and everything (along with her classic wave), but there are no tickets to any NZ Women hockey games. Darn it.

Am slowly getting used to the Aussie accent. There was a lady in the chemist, and by golly if she said “mouuuuusse” (that’s mousse to the rest of us) one more time, I was gonna die. Rob was trying so hard not to crack up behind me. One of our family friends said that when she moved to Oz, the accent was so grating, she had to sit in a room by herself for about 3 hours a day to regain her sanity. Lol!

Will let you know how the flat hunting goes later. I’m really gonna have to drop my standards (as she looks around a 4* hotel room).


3 thoughts on “Day 1: Well, I’m in Melbourne!”
  1. *grin* Well, if your standards are a 4 star hotel, then going to a student flat should be no problem!! 😀

    (And, just a side note: Rob Smells. Love from NZ).

  2. Enjoying yourself?

    Hi Lizzie,
    Ngarino here. Glad to hear you’re settling in so well and are navigating the streets of Melbourne. You’re cousin no. 5 on the Mountain side to stray over the waters, but your’s won’t be permanent at least.
    I downloaded the photo of your Mum and the cloak and am showing it in this week’s lectures on cloaks to my stage 1. Perfect!
    Saw Mum, Dad and Hana off to the UK last night. Your Mum and dad came out too. They’ve got a 20 hour flight to Dubai then waiting round for a day and a half (what DO you do in Dubai?) then 7 hours to the UK, picking up a hire car then off to Northampton (c1 hour). They had a stop in Melbourne but were disappointed they couldn’t stop long enough, even just to give you a buzz. Mum took your number though. They’re in the UK for 10 days (4 in London, rock on shopping!) then back home. Hana’s cat is already driving me crazy – up 5 times since 5am. Aue.

    Will keep checking this site. Great idea.


    Ngarino and the rest of the whanau!

    1. Re: Enjoying yourself?

      Kia ora cousin!

      Hana did ring me for all of 5 mins when they got into Melbourne, but then something got stressful at the airport and she had to go. But that was kool. Im sure Dubai will be stunning. If you want more picture of the korowai (coz theres a couple of good ones from the first row or two and then row 5 or 6 and then the one I uploaded), lemme know, or email me Liz.Harte@gmail.com.

      Buggar about Hana’s cat. Lol.

      Am going into Uni to chat to my supervisor today, and perhaps follow up on my computer and desk being ready. Might also open a savings account, so then as they drip in money, I can drip some away to a savings fund. Be nice to come out of this with cash.

      Finally, am going to have a big search online for all the conferences I want to go to this year (I’ll prolly only make it to one or two) and find the submission dates and everything. Last year, the robotics conference was in Spain. Hahaa! So this year is could be somewhere else sunny…. Hawaii maybe?

      Will keep you posted.

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