Hey everyone,

So, I gave photos of my graduation – here’s a couple from Robs. He graduated on the Monday at a 3.45pm ceremony, so it pretty dark at 5.30pm when we got out. I don’t have the photos from the procession and everything – they’re on Johns camera.

Rob and his cousin James

Rob and Chris

Rob and his Grandma Ten

For those who don’t know, rob graduated with Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and his cousin James graduated with a major in Civil Engineering. Awesome!

So, Mel has posted some graduation photos too.

The next couple of posts I make will prolly be from the various get togethers from while I was in NZ. This weekend, though, I go to Sydney for a sci-fi convention – should be interesting.

One thought on “Robs graduation”
  1. Sydney and Rob

    Dear Lizzie,

    Great to see the photos. Rob looks great all robed up. I must print it out for Hana T, his no. 1. fan. THe photos from the party turned out great. Your berdy mates from Comp Sci actually look almost non-nerdy!! And your convention sounded fun. Glad to hear you’re putting down roots here and there, if only shallow ones. Is Rob coming over to you some time and when are you coming home again? Also, what’s your address so I can send you some stuff, or order stuff off the net for you to bring home when you do…



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