Hey everyone!

Sorry its been so long since I posted. But I have a few photos and a few updates, so all is well.

So, firstly, Rob came over again on the 7th July for 4 days, which was fun.
Friday night – poker and beers,
Saturday – shopping then Hockey Ball,
Sunday – Hockey game, Wimbledon Mens final (Federer vs Nadal) and the World Cup final (Italy vs France),
Monday night – played tennis and watched a movie.

Overall, was great, and Rob got along with my friends really well, which is a bonus.

Rob and Simon losing at poker to me and Tayaba.

Me and Rob before the ball at my apartment.

Me and Elyce after our hockey game (2-2 draw).

Last Thursday, we had Caroline’s going away party, which was fun. We had drinkies at my place, then went into town for more drinks at an irish pub and then dancing at a club called Odium. Was good fun, and now Caroline’s travelling around Tropical North Queensland with her sisters before her visa runs out in August.

Caroline, Tayaba, me and Chris at the Irish pub in town.

Uni’s been going ok. I’ve completed (and ruled out) some algorithms, while getting stuck on others, but am still plunking along. Ray’s been in Brazil for the last 3 weeks, but will be having a meeting with him on Friday.

Hope everyone is well. Mum, Aunty E, Hana, Ngarino and the girls are coming over to Melbourne next tuesday for a few days, which will be great. I’ll be coming back to NZ in early August (dates to be confirmed) for about a week, so will see everyone then. Hopefully.



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