So, a ton of things have happened since my last post. And its because of the things that I’ve barely had time to post! So, in summary, things:

– Submitted a research paper
– Rob proposed and I said yes. Yay!
– Turned 25. Yikes!
– Had some job interviews
– Submitted my thesis. Double yay!
– Got a job. Hoorah!
– Started the job at Star Intellect,
– Moved house (omg so exhausting)

And now, I get to catch up on life. Updating my blogs and websites. Catching up on TV (Battlestar Galactica is awesome!).

On the wedding front, of course, planning and ideas has begun. My friend Mel setup a website for Rob and me,, which has information and inspirations about the wedding.

Gotta scoot. So many wedding magazines to flick through!

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