It took us a while to leave Australia. We intended to leave in 2009 but the economy was too poor in the UK or US to consider it. So we stayed another year. Then at the beginning of 2010, we decided it was time. So we put in Rob’s visa application (thanks for my UK passport Dad), waited 6 weeks for the approval and were in NZ a month later.

We’ve had four wonderful years in Oz. Here’s a collection of the places we’ve been and some things we’ve done in that time.


Our first touristy outing was at a National Park up in Wangaratta with our flat mate Simon. So very very dry, but was great to wander through and see.

Aussie Nature - Dryness


In 2007, some mates from NZ visited us and we traveled around Victoria, which was a bunch of fun!

The Broken London Bridge

London Bridge, Great Ocean Road, Victoria

A Stunning Day for Yarra Valley Wine

A Stunning Day at the Yarra Valley with John, Jacqui, Tim, Tash, Eric and Prue.

We also had a trip to Sydney for a convention, and we got a free hour for touristy wanderings.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Time for Opera in Sydney

Sydney Sights – The harbour bridge and opera house


Can you believe we did no touristy traveling during 2008? How mad is that?!? In 2008, I finished my Masters and started working for Star Intellect, the telecom company. At the end of the year, we moved out of the share house with Chris and Simon and ended up in our own apartment in St Kilda.


Our first major Aussie trip of 2009 was our honeymoon. We went up to Club Med Lindeman Island in Queensland. The weather was a bit overcast, but it was warm and beautiful.

A Hilltop View of the Whitsundays Hamilton Island Sailing

And then over the rest of this year, we went to the effort of seeing different sights in the Melbourne area.

Fed Square Art Brighton Beach Boat Houses!

St Kilda Beach Sunshine

St Kilda Beach Sunshine

Let Us Never Forget

Let Us Never Forget – Melbourne’s war memorial.

We went down to Hobart in Tasmania. Great place. Go on the Cascades Brewery tour and have drinks at Salamanca Place.

Those Tasmanians can make Beer...

Over the 2009/2010 holidays, we went for a roadtrip to Adelaide and back again. The highlight of the trip was visiting the Barossa Valley. Such a beautiful place to escape.

The Beautiful Barossa Valley


At the end of January, we went for a weekend away to Mildura, a small riverside town up the far north of Victoria. We went because it had a brewery there that we loved – Mildura Brewery. We visited the brewery at least once a day as it had a restaurant and bar on site as well. Fantastic stuff!

A Steam Powered Ferry, Mildura A Weir at Mildura

Over these years, I’ve also been going to conventions. Wonderful conventions, where working and playing were all rolled into one.

Sir Patrick Stewart Himself!

It's MacGuyver!

The Supernatural Boys

Our Melbourne enjoyment continued…

St Kilda Kitesurfing

Thanks to all the friends we’ve made here. We hope to be back for a visit in the years to come.

Melbourne Skyline from Albert Park

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