In the middle of May 2010, Rob and I left Melbourne, which had been our home for 4 years. We have a few get togethers before we left, but the drinkies the night before we went was brilliant. So many friends that we’d made from different circles came, which was so wonderful. Not everyone got a picture here, but you know who you are. Thanks for coming!


Our netball mates. Thanks for all the fun times!

Hockey Mates Flat Mates!

Hockey peeps and Flat mates. You guys were there from the beginning of our Melbourne times. Do keep in touch in the future!

Roboticists Unite!

Monash Roboticists! Was great to see so many of you! Keep up the good geek work, 🙂

Kiwi Mates!

The kiwis mates! Lots and lots of good times.

The very next day, we were on a plane to Auckland. Melbourne is a beautiful city, and we will miss her much.

Melbourne Skyline

Killing Time at the Airport The Result of Killing Time at the Airport

Thanks for all the memories. We’ll be back soon.

Bye Bye Australia...

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