It’s summer over here and the days are quite long with sunset at 8pm or so. Seems like a good excuse to make use of our newly tidied garden. We discovered that the back garden shed includes lots of things for our use, including garden furniture.

Missing some bolts

A simple meal was had – Spaghetti Bolognese with beans. And beer. We plugged in the laptop at the kitchen window for music (the only piece of technology plugged in at this stage – we need NZ-UK adaptors!).

Pasta and Beer - Awesome Tweak the music on the laptop

It was pretty nice furniture, new plates, nice food and a nice location.

A feast!

We’re going to enjoy this summer life while we can. When the days get much shorter (sunset at 4pm) and everything goes gloomy, we’ll need to remember the good stuff. And this is the good stuff.

All our neighbours homes

Behind me here you can the backs of all our neighbours houses. Everyone has a wee skinny house, even the families of 4 or 5, and a little backyard like ours. It’s simple, but its definitely enough.

2 thoughts on “Garden Dinner”
  1. Eee! I want to win the lottery and be one of those people who follow the sun, except, maybe not stay in Australia for the HOT months. I don’t think I could handle th UK cold, I am more of a winter girl, but I just love the sun lately.

    1. I’m such a summer girl so it’s been awesome to have 2 in a row!! Though I’m sure I’ll enjoy this winter coming for its novelty. Aparently the novelty of 4pm sunsets wears off fast, but we’ll worry about that later. I don’t think I’ll miss Aussie HOT summers – I prefer my temperatures below 35 degrees, thanks. 🙂

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