The third and final post from our NZ trip is about our friends. We have a varied and great group of friends, even though we don’t see them that often and are hopeless at keeping in touch. But we had some great wee adventures while we were home, and got to catchup with most of our mates. Was brilliant to see you all!

We had dinner with the Compsci crew at the delicious Kirin in Parnell. Great japanese food, and wonderful company!

Jude and Mel 3/4 of the square

The Compsci Crew, mostly

Touring and wine up at Snell’s Beach area.Very different to wine touring in the Yarra Valley… wine tasting in a milk shed anyone?

Ignore the idiots. Check out the view!

Wine tasting in a milk shed!

Rob also went to a costume party with the snow mates. Theme – What did you want to be when you were 5?

Olympian! Ninja!

All Black! Superman!

Mel has a list of 100 things she wants to do, and one of the items was hand feeding stingrays. !! So we went to Kelly Tarltons and standing in waist deep water, fed stingrays chunks of fish. So, so ,amazing. There’s a video of our experience at Mel’s blog.

Waiting to get in the water Nervous smiles

There's the stingray!

On our last night in Auckland, we had a farewell drinkies at Mel’s Dad’s bar, Osborne Street, in Newmarket. Was great to catchup with people and spend enjoy a good rugby match. ABs won, of course. 🙂

Compsci Girls!

Boozing Snaps!

Three little Davidsons all in a row The Meggets!

That was great night!

It was wonderful to see  everyone during our 3 weeks in NZ. We had a great trip with some top adventures!

We hope you’re all well. Do come and visit us here.

We’ll be home sometime. Promise.

– Liz and Rob

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