Hi everyone,

So, a general update. Not everything that goes on gets blogged, mostly because not everything has a photo taken of it. Shocking thought, I know. But it’s a reality. So, verbally, here’s some of the cool things that’ve been going on with us.

Beautiful Architecture

We had a little housewarming party at our new digs. It was mostly my work mates who came, two of my neighbours and an old school friend, Abbi. Rob’s work mates live all over the place, but mostly near Stowmarket, so wasn’t easy to get them over. Another time perhaps. But anyway, there were a bunch of drinks, not enough chairs (we had 7 but  there were 11 people!!), some of Rob’s home made pizza and some blueberry chocolate form NZ (Thanks Abbi!!). We had a really great afternoon, and it was good to get to know some of my work mates in a more social environment. They’re really nice guys, and I reckon could be good mates too. We’ll see.

Musical Angel Face

Work has been going well for me. I’ve got plenty of deadlines and priorities on a stack of work I’ve inherited, which has put the pressure on early, but is pretty awesome. There’s never a lack of things to do (better than being bored…) and everyday I’m learning. Gah! But the learning is much easier now, so that’s good. I’m still getting the bus out to work. I argue it’s coz I’m not confident on my bike, but really I’m enjoying all the reading I’m getting done. I just finished reading ‘Do Andriods Dream of Electric Sheep?’ by Phillip K Dick, the book Blade Runner was based on. Fantastic to get more background on the world that the bounty hunt took place in (Post-nuclear war. Mass immigration to the colony worlds. Animals are mostly extinct on earth and considered prize posessions. etc etc) Great writing and definitely worth the cost of the bus fare.

Guardian Faces

Rob’s work is going very well. He’s getting on well with his teams mates and has mostly been doing chainsaw tests in the lab. They’re working with a company in China now and he may be making a trip over there in the future to check out a product. He’s hoping his team gets assigned a full blown design project soon, but there’s enough to keep him busy til then, definitely. He doesn’t take the train to work anymore, but instead gets a lift with a workmate who also lives in Cambridge. We’re starting to look for a car as well, so then he and his mate can share the trips driving to and from work. Until then, Rob is certainly enjoying the hour long trip to work, as opposed to the 1.5 hour trip he had on the train.

Ninja dove

We’re planning some long weekends around the UK over the next couple of months (hopefully Bath and Oxford, at least) and are planning to go down to London for the All Blacks vs England match in November. Should be fun!

It’s starting to get cold here, so we’re stocking up on some winter warmers since we didn’t ship too much of that stuff over initially. Doh!

Hope you’re all well at home.

All the best from the other side of the world,

Liz and Rob

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