As a farewell for Stewart and Amanda, Rob made pancakes and bananas for breakfast. Yum!

Pancake Chef

He decided to be fancy and do banana flambe. Bring on the flame! But first, dice your bananas.

Dice em up

Add them to your hot pan. Add a tablespoon of golden syrup. Fry and let the bananas caramelise.

Sweeten Fry it up

Now, it’s time for alcohol! You’re meant to use rum, but we didn’t have any. So whisky will do.

Alcohol in the morning!

Add the whisky to the super hot pan, tip a little and *woosh*. You have flambe! Top notch to Stewart for getting the winning shot here. 🙂

Fire it up!

Pile your bananas on top of your already cooked pancakes and ‘Hey presto!’ We have pancakes and bananas for brekky. 🙂

Banana on Pancakes

Big ups to Rob for taking the time to cook, after we’d had a a reasonable night out before. Was a good chow.

Breafast Yum!

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