More pubs seen from the list! On Fridays at work, the guys all go to the pub for lunch. It’s a nice idea and gets you away from the office and catchup with people in a more social environment. But they’re quite picky about where we go because they hate having bad food for lunch.

The Wrestlers

So, they like to go to The Wrestlers on Newmarket Road because it serves beer (as any good pub should) and top-notch Thai food. I took Rob along to check it out.

Thai and beer!

Top notch Thai was definitely on order! And some beer too. 🙂

Yum yum! Wrestlers Jump

The Devonshire Arms

When Stewart and Amanda visited, we went to a couple of pubs that evening. We revisted the top pub, the Devonshire Arms, for a proper dinner which we didn’t have last time. And it was great! I had smoked mackeral and spuds and Amanda had fish’n’chips. The boys had beer and burgers.

Great Devonshire food!

Thanks Devonshire Arms!

Devonshire Jump!

The Earl of Beaconsfield

Then we went to a *new* pub. One we hadn’t been to before. It was the one at the end of our street – The Earl of Beaconsfield.We’d been told this place was quite rough, and be kind of liked the boistrous atmosphere of the place.

Irish pints!

Rob and I didn’t realize this was an Irish pub at first but you certainly did when you got inside. I think we like this pub though, and not just coz its 50 meters from home. It had a good vibrancy and plays lots of local sport,, including gaelic football. I think we’ll come back again.

A very irish pub See through legs!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

Until next time,


Update (2015): We went back to the Earl many many times in following years! Particularly to watch rugby matches!

The Earl of Beaconsfield pub>

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