We had our first visitors last weekend gone. A couple of Rob’s friends from Melbourne, who were now living in London and settling too, came up for their first look at Cambridge. It was a pretty sweet day. Firstly, we had lunch outside King’s College…

Lunch outside Kings

…before sending Stewart and Amanda into King’s College famous Chapel. (Stewart’s 3 photos below!)

Stewart and Amanda in the Chapel

What a ceiling! What a place!

It was Stewart’s birthday, so we got him a cake.


Because it was a warm day (a balmy 20 degrees!) we decided to go for a wander…

Sunny Cambridge Day

And it was decided that a hired punt was in order!


A lot of coordination is required to punt. Thankfully the boys had enough that they didn’t fall in, but there was definitely some dodging and ducking to be done!

Getting Close Getting Low

Well sailed!

Captain Punter!

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the pub up at the Fort St George again. A top pub on the river indeed!

Pint on the riverside

Completely randomly though, one of Rob’s work mates who owns a houseboat motored by… then decided to stop in for a pint too!

Suffolk Punch!

He usually moors it over near Stowmarket and drives to work from there (yes, he lives on his houseboat). It took him 8 hours of motoring to get from there to Cambridge, though he broke it up over a couple of days. He was going to see some friends, spend the night, then spend a couple of days motoring back down toward Stowmarket. Nice way to spend a holiday! Made me look up canal holidays, which are very popular here. Perhaps we’d start with a B&B on the water first. 🙂

The Houseboat Living Room

He had a flat screen tv and everything in the boat. The kind of life I could live – except for the whole water-motion-sickness-puke thing. But nice otherwise.

But that finished the main part of our day. There were a couple of pubs later and such, but I’ll pull those into the next ‘pub post’ since one was a new pub to cross off the list!

Was great to have Stewart and Amanda visit. Do come back guys!

Til next time,


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