I’ve been pretty lazy this past 6 months. No sport, the occasional cycle around, but nothing really *really* active. But I finally got off my butt and signed up to a local hockey club. Cambridge South Hockey Club, to be exact.

Half time chit chat

It’s a pretty social club, and these are a good bunch of girls too.


I felt pretty darn rusty on my skills, but they threw me up as a forward, so I had a good go of it.

Bump! That's mine!

Aside from the fitness and the pathetic tap that was my ‘hit’, the game was great fun.

Running with the ball

I even helped setup one of the goals. 🙂


We won the game in the end so I think I’ll definitely go back for another game. Maybe even some training.

Post game success

And on the way home (after a pint at the pub with the team…) we saw fire dancers from the Cambridge Community Circus performing in a park.

Twirling Fire

Fire dancing in Cambridge

A pretty sweet day all round.

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