Piece by piece we’ve been buying furniture and either carrying or cycling it home, with the one exception being the couch. A couple of weeks ago, we made out final living room purchases and construction.

Pieces of a TV Unit

Constructing the TV Putting them all together

And with this final construction, we can consider our living room complete.

Previously you’d seen Rob and I carrying a kitchen table and chairs home. Now it looks much prettier with an oilcloth table cloth below. And again there’s the leather couch we’d had delivered.

Eating done here Slouching done here

We’ve also bought a desk for me to work at in the living room. A pretty wee thing that will certainly do the job.

Computing done here

We also have the Argos pine coffee table that you’d seen Rob construct previously too. Now it’s prettily decorated with a table runner from Helen. It’s serves as the perfect table protector!

Snacking done here

And finally,our 32 inch TV and pine TV unit that Rob just constructed. Ah beautiful source of nightly entertainment. But not news, since we don’t actually have an aerial…

Entertainment from here

Still, we’re pretty pleased with how the rooms turned out. 2 months or so of effort and time (and a bit of money), and we now have a homely living room. 🙂

Living done here

I think we could live here a while.

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