After we visited Canterbury we drove over to Dover where the plan was, we would stay a couple of nights and see the sights.

The first night we saw the sights of the hotel pub, which I can happily say was the first success of Dover, would our luck hold out?

cam18 118 cam18 119

The next morning we woke up to snow, which both of us thought was GREAT (probably the only people in England).

cam18 126

We went for a walk along the seaside and had a full English breakfast at a little cafe nearby.

cam18 120 cam18 128

We then decided to start on our tourist adventure which was to see Dover Castle. Unfortunately what we didn’t realize is that English people and snow don’t mix, so they closed the road to the castle and didn’t let anyone up there.

cam18 145

On the way down from the castle road, we came across an old church that had been abandoned, that was pretty neat.

cam18 160 cam18 158

cam18 161

As the castle was shut we decided to walk to another tourist attraction in Dover, The Roman Painted House. However we found out that even this was affected by the snow.

cam18 163 cam18 164

The next morning we left for home via Leeds Castle, but on the way out of town we got to see some of the White Cliffs, and where gun placements were dug into them, very cool.

cam18 207 cam18 208

All in all not bad I say.

Stay tuned for Leeds Castle. Rob

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