For the last four years, Rob and I have been living in Australia away from our family and old friends at home. We knew we were only making the distance  further when we moved to the UK too. But one thing has made the move  a little easier – my best friend Mel has made the move to the UK too.

Yo Sushi Time!

So, while Rob was away in China for his work trip, Mel came up (with Paul too!) to hang out for a few days. Was so wonderful to see her!

I sent them into King’s College Chapel and we wandered past the River Cam (Mel’s got those photos). But we also went out and had some yummy food stuffs once Rob came back, including trying the GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) in Cambridge.

Nom nom nom!

GBK was started by  the guys who started GPK in Ponsonby. They wanted to move the chain over to the UK, but found the market saturated by pizzas but lacking in burgers. So, GBK was born.

GBK Cheese Burger GBK Chiken and Camembert

Because its a NZ chain, there’s little touches of home like Mac’s Gold and L&P. So awesome to know where we can come for a fix now!

L&P Baby!

The other highlight of the weekend was getting Mel sorted for interview outfits. That meant shopping!

Market Shopping

Shopping Success!

Mel was still sorting out her place and job when she came up but its all good now. She moves into her apartment in March and starts a job sometime soon too.

Once she’s in her place, we’ll go down and visit. Because we can do that easily and as often as it we want. We live in the same country now. Indeed, we’re in neighbouring cities. I’m pretty thrilled about this. It’ll be wonderful to see my miss Mel more often.

I hope everyone in NZ faired the cyclone well. Lots of love and be safe,


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