So a few weeks ago mum and dad came to visit and they brought us some prezzies from back home. They came with some of their friends, David and Honor, who came up from London to visit us in the second week.

cam36 006 cam36 007

I have to say that mum and dad did bring some wonderful weather and we certainly basked in it with a few lunches in the back garden.

cam36 004

The plan was that we would stay in Cambridge for the first few days and look about, then head down to Bath via Windsor for a short week. From there were planned to go see Salisbury Cathedral and Stonehenge ( and Bath ), and then get back for David and Honor on Saturday… stay tuned for these posts 🙂

So during the first few days we decided to go do the usual tourist thing and hang out the front of the colleges which were, as usual, rather cool.


Liz had previously planned a cycle trip down to a small town south of Cambridge called Grantchester, which we hadn’t done yet, so it was a good excuse to go. In Grantchester there is a little orchard where you can sit and ‘take tea’ under the trees basking in the sun.

cam38 002

cam38 005

When we got there it was rather packed, and we found out that there were quite a few famous people who had visited, names like, King George VI, Prince Charles, John Cleese, Watson and Crick, and the list goes on. They weren’t there when we went, so we might have to go back again.


As we spent most of the two weeks gorging ourselves on nice food I decided to make some nice breakfasts, English breakfast and on another day pancakes, with caramelized bananas and rum… YUM


NOW.. jump forward a week in time.. and we are back from out trip.

When David an honor came we still had a few touristy things to do and one of those was punting down the river Cam.

cam37 014

Above you can see our rather entertaining punter, Axel, along with Honor and her daughter Vicky. I highly recommend punting along the ‘backs’ of the colleges as there are a lot to see, like the Bridge of Sighs, named because the students would sigh going to and from examinations.

cam37 027

It was a great little visit, and it was great to see my parents. Hope to see you all soon.



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