So while we were in Paris we accidentally stumbled across some Invader street art. Actually, quite a few.

cam47 114 cam47 116

Invader is a Parisian street artist who sticks tiles to the walls in the shape of Space Invader arcade creatures.

cam47 123 cam47 122

cam47 134

cam47 135

He recently became more mainstream when he was filmed, along with Banksy , in the movie documentary ‘Exit through the gift shop’

cam47 211

cam47 212

Once we found one, we decided to have a little look around, and we ended up fining heaps!

cam47 286 cam47 261

cam47 262

cam47 287 cam47 280

cam47 282

These three are in the entrance arch ways to the Louvre. So you can get a bit of modern art before you go see all the old stuff.

cam47 220

cam47 217

cam47 223

Now Mel is going to have to find some in London to catch up 😛 No. 112


2 thoughts on “Paris – Invader”
  1. You know that you guys hit ten while you were there. I’m still sitting on eight. Quite jealous of all your spotting! Looks like you had a great time – I’m so glad that you guys are into invader spotting now!

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