Recently, there was big thing on in London. You know? They booked the whole of Trafalgar Square and people slept on the streets to get a place in there. Yea, the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere.

Harry Potter Premiere - Trafalgar Square

So, we didn’t sleep on the streets. But we did go down and check out the madness. It was Harry Potter crazy down there!

Harry Potter Premiere - Over the Fence

There were so so many fans there, some dressed up, some parked in their positions that they’ll hold for the next 5 hours and others were like us – just having a nosy. I thought some of the costumed people around were great!

Harry Potter Premiere - HP7 Part 2 sign Harry Potter Premiere - Meeting Dobby

Harry Potter Premiere - HP fans Harry Potter Premiere - HP fans

We decided that with the raining and the massive crowds – we weren’t going to hang around. We went to the cinema the following week to see the film and I loved it. A perfect finish to the series.

Harry Potter Premiere

But still, at least we can continue the Harry Potter touring.

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