Last month, we had our first English beach holiday. We drove down to Bournemouth so that:

  1. Miss could learn to kite surf (one of her list items)
  2. Rob could hire and kite surf (he misses it much)
  3. I could do some reading (I’m reading a good series right now!)

Well, we accomplished the first and last one. Unfortunately, Rob was out of luck (no kite surf hire available) but Miss got to learn how its done. She started on the beach to get the basics.

Mel learning to kitesurf

Launch the kite!

Kite's in the air

Over the period of 2 days, she went from the beach, to the water to caving up the ocean. Well, almost. But she was definitely up on the board and looking awesome! That’s her carving along with the orange kite. Whoop whoop!

Mel's kite surfing!

Happy kite surfer Mel!

The lessons were held in the beautiful Poole Harbour where the water is waist deep for a couple hundred kilometers out. Because of the nice weather, it meant the bay was *packed* with kites.

So many Kite's at Poole Harbour

Bournemouth beach is very English, I’m led to believe, with the beach huts all along the beach edge and a big pier with a fair setup. We were disappointed that there wasn’t a restaurant or bar scene on the waterfront so we could just sit out and enjoy the view, but maybe that’s not the English way. We brought books instead and enjoyed the sunshine instead.

Bournemouth beach

Mel enjoying the sunshine

Bournemouth was a pretty good introduction to English beaches (tall cliffs, strong winds, arcades and more). We may not make it to Bournemouth again, but we’ll try another English beach sometime, I’m sure.

Pints in Bournemouth

Well, I got a bit of tan from our sun time, so can’t complain about that.

Til next time,

Liz and Rob

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