Our second day in Munich we decided to have a big sleep in (there may have been too many beers at the beer garden the night before) and go to the best museum in Munich – Deutsches Museum. From the train station, we got to walk past the beautiful Isar river on another stunning day.

Munich - The River Isar

The Deutsches Museum is an enormous science and technology museum (think MOTAT but massive) which had a series of exhibits we wanted to see. The place was so massive we didn’t make it to most of them (we missed the Enigma machine and Galileo’s workshop…) but one that was *particularly* awesome was the Astronautics section – space tech!

Munich - Astromechanics at the museum

This may surprise some of you, but I don’t think I’ve actually seen space tech before. (Is that right Mum?) This wasn’t the biggest display ever but it was pretty interesting. And these displays all had English translations!

They had a whole series of actual satellites and modules that hadn’t made it into space, information about the space race, screens with live satellite data from a weather satellite, a life-size model of a moon buggy, a V2 rocket and a Saturn V engine (below). And those were just the things I remember!

Munich - A Saturn V rocket engine

It’s a pretty amazing museum (not just for the space tech) if you’re ever in Munich. We will have to go back sometime!

Now, we didn’t come to Munich during Oktoberfest. No no. We thought the first time we see the city, it should as it was for the majority of the year. But we did go to a small beer festival in Dachau. Just 1 big tent and a whole lot of fun.

Munich - Dachau Beer Festival

There was a carnival with a big range of food stalls all around the tent and at least half of the attendees were in their lederhosen or traditional dress. Fantastic stuff!

Our night consisted of beer, pretzels and beer songs. For hours and hours and hours. And again, you could only order beer by the litre.

Munich - Pretzels from a Beer Festival Munich - Steins from a Beer Festival

Munich - James enjoying the goods

We didn’t know about the German beer songs to aid the drinking, but I’m not complaining! It certainly added to the fun. ‘I’m prosting, I’m prosting’ etc etc etc and then everyone drinks. Every 15 minutes. Awesome.

Munich - More Beers Munich - Beers

Munich - And More Beers

And even later in the evening, *all* the locals are up and dancing because many of the beer drinking songs have *actions*. Was pretty amazing party atmosphere!

Munich - Dancing at the Beer Festival

We had a *great* night. And I think we’re going to try and go back for Oktoberfest next year. Definitely.

Coming up, a weekend of the outdoors and beautiful German scenery.

Til then…

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