So the third day we were in Munich we were taken for a hike around some of the Alps.

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We met at 10am with Heike and Lukas at Walchensee, which is about 1 hour south of Munich.

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We started the day with a nice relaxing gondola ride up the mountain ( easy hike so far ) which took us up to 1100m elevation.

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There was an amazing view from the top.

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From the top of the gondola, we headed up to the first peak on our hike which took around 30-45 minutes.

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After a quick breather we headed along the ridge to the next peak.

cam52 126

For  what ever reason people have been climbing these hills, and putting crosses on the tops of these. Probably to show that they have nothing better to do. However they still look very impressive

cam52 127

Once we got to the top of the second peak (elevation 1700m) we got to have a rest and a magnificent view around.

cam52 140

cam52 141_stitch

As well as a nice little look at the progress we made from the last peak. This took us around 2 hours.

cam52 139

From the top we started heading down, which ended up being the hardest part. A lot of strain on the calves and the quads!

cam52 136_stitch

There were great views most of the way, and it was hard not to permanently be taking photos.

cam52 151

Near the bottom of the hike, we headed to a mountain river to cool our feet and have a little relax before the final walk back to the car. It took around 5 hours to get to the river from the start.

cam52 155

Once we got back to the beginning we all collapsed on the grass. The whole hike took just over 6 hours, and we celebrated with a swim and an ice cream. The Germans treat their lakes like ocean beaches. There were dozens of families out and windsurfers on the water. Pity we didn’t bring our togs!

cam52 161

Amazing day. Definitely worth it.

Thanks so much to James and Meike for arranging it!

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