We couldn’t afford to go home for Christmas last year which sucked. But we were inspired by Caroline’s Orphans’ Christmas she invited us to in 2010 so decided to host our own. We had 4 Kiwis come up from London  and 2 Kiwis from down the road for 3 days of festivities. Brilliant!

The weather was drizzly and awful while everyone was with us. We did manage to make it into town one morning to wander around and show them Cambridge at least.

Wandering around Cambridge

We had plenty of indoor activities to pass the time, like Settlers of Catan, charades, a 1000 piece puzzle, and plenty of drinks. Good lazy fun!

Settlers of Catan Alicia enjoying a sparkling wine

Success with a London puzzle

We brought out all the Kiwiana tat and Christmas decorations we had to make everything more festive!

Breakfast table deocrations

Rob cooked up an absolute storm for Christmas day lunch.

Christmas Chef!

Roast pork, pumpkin and potatoes were the traditional part of the meal. BBQ Moroccan spiced chicken with cous cous and a big quinoa and broccoli salad were the less traditional. All of it was completely delicious.

Chopped pumpkin Flavoured potatoes ready to roast

Moroccan spiced chicken Mike at the BBQ

Big thanks for Rob and Mike for all the cooking that day!

The chefs hard at work

Here’s our amazing spread with freshly made gravy and delicious NZ wine. YUM!

Christmas spread

And here’s the team on Christmas day with Belle behind camera and Michelle not yet back from work.

The main event!

Rob also made 2 delicious desserts, which we couldn’t possibly eat at lunchtime so had for dinner instead. Homemade pavlova and a layered trifle sprinkled with sweet pomegranate seeds. Yum!

Homemade pavlova Homemade layered trifle

We also did a Secret Santa where everyone brought a £5 gift. We ended up with a good haul of treats! Christmas themed Lindt chocolates, a prank finger guillotine, a set of fairy lights and a harmonica.

Secret Santa Gifts! Secret Santa Gifts!

A toilet bell (??), a bottle of homemade Sloe Vodka, a spirograph set and a naughty wine bottle stopper + chocolates!

Secret Santa Gifts! Secret Santa Gifts!

 Thanks to everyone who came over and for making it such a fun few days. It might not have been the summer Christmas we’re all used to, but it was certainly a special one.

I hope you all had a great Christmas as well wherever you were.


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