Granada is a beautiful city with great food and an encouraging drinking culture, but the real reason to go to Granada is to see Alhambra – a fortress and palace complex, initially constructed in 889AD and converted into a palace in 1333. This was the first Islamic palace we had visited and we were impressed! Let me show you why. First, its a huge fortress on top of a hill which Granada is built around. To get up there, first […]


Traveling around different cities and countries in Europe uncovers little surprises, and one of those for us was definitely Granada. We (Liz) organised a trip with our friends M + M to fly into Malaga and drive up to Granada. The weather was a lovely 30+ and the coastline was beautiful. We decided to stop off at a beach and sample some of the local food. Its a local custom to have large BBQ’s and eat various fried foods, like […]