So, there’s news. Rob has starts a job in Auckland tomorrow on a open contract, which is kool coz he can get over here whenever he wants if any of the Melbourne jobs come through. So, yay for Rob earning money and getting experience. Hooray!

I went and saw Ray today, and he pretty much wants me to brainstorm ideas for the next couple of weeks and we have weekly meetings to discuss things. It looks like I could get into 1 of 2 areas – multiple robot coordination or human robot interaction, which is exactly what i was thinking about before.

With the human-robot interaction stuff, I would take a robot and get it to perform tasks intelligently. That’s it. One robot I could be working with is this yellow one. Ray is trying to get a hold of two of these robots for the group to use.

I don’t really know much more than that. He discussed a lot of stuff thats been worked on and is in progress and just wants me to brainstorm my own stuff. Will go to a park tomorrow and try to be inspired.



6 thoughts on “Day 7: A short day at Uni”
  1. Lol. I haven’t decided if I’m gonna work with it yet. But it would be kool. Its designed to act as home care, like to help the elderly and stuff at home. Could be kool.

    1. Home care is a hot topic, but all I do is pass golf balls around (don’t ask). Hmmm, need to make my thing damn impressive in order to become cool… Oh, and I promise I won’t post any “geeky” comments from now on. Slob.

      1. Lol. You’e allowed geeky comments. I’m gonna keep posting about my work and stuff, so it’ll be relevent.

        So, Bruce convinced you to do golf balls eh? Good stuff, good stuff. Send me an email about your project topic. I don’t think we talked about it.

  2. Dear Lizzie,

    Ngarino here again. So glad that Rob has found a job for the while. I was thinking about him this morning and wondered whether he pined for you every second, or whether it was every minute now!! The robotos are COOL. Rock on.


    Ngarino and the tribe called your family.

    1. Oh ha ha, cousin. 😛 Presumably, the job will give him less time to think of me…. so maybe every minute is about right. 😀


    Hey there Lizzie…how exciting for you…I am reading this book your muim left me…Crichton…Prey..about some little robots that end up preying on humans..well, I’m a third of the way through it…thought I’d share that with you! creepy stuff.
    Thats great Robbo has a job! where is it at? Mum told me she can work the webcam! great….I’ll have to check you out when you are online next…haven’t got a cam…but thats FINE!! Hey how bout Aunty Makere’s styles…oops…better shuddup…open forum here aye….can you delete this message when youve read it???
    ok darling…have a wonderful day…man the days are dragging out with Daylight savings over…..gotta go to work now before the wind comes up…see you
    arohanui ARNZ and whanau….

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