So, yesterday was a quiet day. I slept til midday (*bliss*), then Wendy took me to the local mall to buy some cutlery and crockery for the apartment. Ended up getting a nice silver-looking set of cutlery and a white porcelein set from Target (similar to Farmers). I figured I’d go standard with the plates then everything else (like place mats, napkins, glasses and mugs) can be pretty.

So, then had pizza for dinner and watched some West Wing before going to bed. Not such an inspiring day.

Today, at least I explored the area a lil more. Wandered down to the beach, where I’m meant to be able to see the city up to my right and the other side of the port straight ahead. I could see neither coz of a haze (which looked like rain, but it was too bloody dry to be) all across the water. Lots of seaguls on the beach, but hardly any other birds around. Lots of walkers and runners and families around too. In the middle of the day. A Wednesday, no less. Don’t these people have jobs? But there was this pier with these artistic tiles embedded talking about magpies and the local aborigines. Kinda kool.

Anyway, went for a walk and did some thinking re robotics. One question I keep having with the human robot interaction thing with the elderly is “What kind of robot would I be ok with looking after my Mum?”. And the answer is, “None,” because of the lack of humanity in them. The robot would need a personality and to be personable and likable and, you know, people stuff. Would that bright yellow robot be a suitable supervisor for an elderly person? Probably. Would they be suitable company? Proabaly not.

Not much enlightenment regarding multiple robot coordination. My next meeting with Ray is tomorrow afternoon, so I’m sure I’ll be able to jot down some ideas by then.

But also, here are some pictures of the outside of Wendy’s place. Her unit is one of about 8, I think. The building has a center drive/garden area and is stylized old English style. Looks very nice.

That’s all for now. Will be going for another walk tomorrow and calling Rusden House to find out how the apartment is going.

Hope everyone’s well, and not too stressed out about the korowai. It all has become a bit of a mess, hasn’t it.



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