Kia ora everyone!

Last Thursday, Rob flew over to Melbourne for a job interview and a weekend with me. Yay! His interview was all day Thursday at a company called Invetech who design and make medical equipment. He had to do a personality test, maths test and a formal interview. We find out this week if he gets the job or not. *fingers crossed*

On Friday, we had lunch with my Robotics friends and then went into Chapel Street (a major shopping area, kinda like New Market) and Rob bought a new shirt and a warm jacket, coz it was colder than he kinda expected. He’s wearing both of these in the following pictures. We went out for dinner and drinks at the Crown Entertainment Plaza in town, which included wandering around the casino and watching people gambling. One guy was playing $100 blackjack, and was mostly winning as indicated by the $4000 worth of chips in front of him.

Saturday was some more shopping but also my hockey game (which we lost 1-0) and then we went to see X Men 3 with the robotics guys that night. That movie was *awesome.* Though I thought one characters death was completely unnecessary.

Sunday we had lunch with Wendy and wandered around the shops in St Kilda (a very chic area, like Parnell, but also houses the red light district) and Rob went home today (though his flight was delayed by 3 hours because of fog.)

Rob in front of one of those water fountains that spray in a pattern.

Inside the lobby for the Crown Plaza hotel, which had music playing with a choreographed light display. Very kool.

Me out on the boardwalk with all the pretty fairy lights decorating the trees.

So, I had a great time with Rob and he’s quite keen to move over, particularly to the Invetech job as its only a 20min walk from the apartment.

Arohanui. Will keep you posted.


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