So, Australia is totally soccer mad right now. Well, with Australia winning their first Fifa World Cup match *ever*, who can blame them. Was a brilliant game, for you silly people who didnt sit up to watch it. Yes, I know, it was on here at 11pm and 1am in NZ, but seriously. Tsk tsk. 😀

Sitting through 80 mins of ‘oh my god, we’re gonna lose’ was totally worth it when Oz got *three* goals in *10* minutes. Brilliant soccer! Everyone was calling everyone and town exploded, then partied all night. Amazing. I rang and woke up Rob. 😀 We didn’t get to bed til 3am.

However, it merely makes it the 4th night in a row that I was up til 3 or 4am. To summarise the weekend:

Friday:: midnight, Fifa World Cup opening ceremony, followed by Germany vs Costa Rica (4-2) til 4am
Satuday:: ABs vs Ireland (34-23 -> normal rugby!) forllowed by Hockey party with soccer (Eng vs Paraguay 1-0) til 3am
Sunday:: Wallabies vs England (34-3), followed by soccer Nederlands vs Serbia (1-0), followed by French Open Federer vs Nadal (Nadal won…) til 3am
Monday:: 11pm Australia vs Japan (3-1 -> WIN!) followed by USA vs C (2-0 -> predictable) til 3am

So, yea, coz of these people (pictured below) I’ve met at Rusden House, I’m a sports person now. *shrugs* It’s social. I can’t complain. 😀

The girls in our tv group. Me, Tari (Nigerian), Tabaya(Malaysian) and Jo (Brunei).

The English ones – Chris and Caroline. Caroline was a random from down the hall who could hear that we were watching the soccer, and asked to join us. Koolies!

Jo, Tabaya and Tari getting exicted during the Oz vs Japan game. That final 10 mins was buzzy.

There are more guys in this group – they just dodged the cameras. And there are a couple more photos from Camile’s camera (Dutch guy), but he’s on a plane now, so I might not get them for a week or so.

Hope everyone at home is well. Have a good party on Friday, Bruce. 😀 Turns out I’ll be coming home at the beginning of August for a week or so (maybe). Will keep you guys posted.


2 thoughts on “A sporty weekend – (Oz beat Japan!!!)”
  1. marae site

    Kia ora kia ora Lizzie
    GREAT mahi on the website…don’t know if you have had any feedback from anyone at all….my only comment to Mum was the pohutukawa obscured the pic and so its not an instantly recognisable place….I will email you some Neps took from way up the hill at Pukehuia…just for that banner and maybe keep the pohutukawa in the same place over the pic Nep did..
    Man…sounds like you been partying hard…..good fun…just made an olive bread and a rewana for the wedding on Sunday…if it makes it till then.
    Thats about it for now…
    ka kite…

    1. Re: marae site

      Cheers Arnz. It has been (and continues to be) a lil exhausting, but is all fun.

      For those of you who don’t know, I developed this website for the Te Rawhiti Marae – my marae. 🙂 Its still a work in progress.

      Aroha. Lizzie.

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