Kia ora everyone!

So, not a lot been happening in the last couple of weeks. Charlie came over to Melbourne for work for a week, so Rob and I met up with him and his girlfriend Michelle for dinner, drinks and gambling at the Crown Casino, as well as market shopping the next day at Victoria Market. (note: these markets are pretty awesome for food stuffs, and a good thing to check out as a tourist.)

But, prolly the highlight of the last couple of weeks has been a trip to Wangaratta. Wangaratta is a one McDonalds town (pop: 16,000) that my mate Simon comes from. He invited a whole bunch of us up, though only Rob and I could make it in the end. It’s a 3 hour drive into NE Victoria, and its so very dry there.

Great things of the weekend included:
– home-cooked *oven-cooked* meals by Simon’s Mum
– watching the AFL Grand Final with Simon’s family (Sydney Swans vs West Coast Eagles – Eagles won. Very exciting!)
– the beautiful sunny weather (aparently typical of the NE Victorian region)
– visiting one of the many Glenrowan wineries
– relaxing with plenty of drinks and laughs

Sunday was kool as Simon took us for a bush walk (very sunny and very hot) and to a local winery called Baileys, who mostly make dry red wines, but had this sweet pink wine that reminded me of a Rose, so I bought 2 bottles.

Michelle and Charlie

Simon and his Dad, Mat.

Drunken rugby.

On the bush walk.

A view of the gully. The guys are standing on the edge of a cliff.

Looking down the cliff.

Rob at the winery with our purchases. I think he was explaining about wine tasting to Simon.

So, work stuff. Having been making some progress with Wakamaru, but learning some of this hardware interaction stuff has been like drilling a hole in my head. It seems simple, but there’s so much more to it than that. Sux. But progress being made, nonetheless.

Rob’s still enjoying Davey Pumps. They’re got him working on 2 or 3 different projects, all with deadlines and stuff, but he still gets to have a laugh with some of his work mates.

Rob and I are coming back to NZ for Labour weekend, so from Fri 20th Oct to Mon 23rd Oct. We’ve also booked our flights for Xmas/New Years from Sun 24th Dec to Sun 7th Jan (had to book ’em early – cost $1000 return already. Eeep!)

Hope you guys are all good at home (and Mum in France, of course).

Catcha later


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