Hey everyone,

So, its been sweltering here. Between 15 and 32 degrees everyday for the past week. Of course, there’s also a bucketload of bush fires – and this is the earliest they’ve started in years, which bodes poorly for the rest of the summer. Victoria is in for a long dry summer. Water restrictions, bush fires – the works. Still, we’ve been enjoying not wearing jerseys, sitting out in the sun for lunch and warm nights – really lovely.

But a highlight of the last wee while is – Rob and I bought a car! We bought a VW Golf, navy, 1997, 2lt, 96800km, dual airbags, awesome condition for AU$9700. Rob got us insurance and signed up to the local AA (called RACV here). It’s been lovely to have a car to drive around and not have to borrow one of our mates. Definately pleased.

Of course, the second day we had it, we got it locked in a car park overnight. We had to train home. Turns out the reason the carpark had cheap day parking was coz they closed at 6pm. *Buggar* Still, trained back in the next day, and they just charged us 2 day passes and we were free. You’re always meant to have a hiccup early on with a new car, right? At least we got one out of the way early. šŸ˜€

The car!

Sunny days…

So Rob and I are flying into Auckland 5.15pm next Friday. Going to Armageddon on Saturday, Snells Saturday night and Sunday day, home for family dinner on Sunday night and then 3.15pm check-in on Monday to come back. Should be fun.

Hope to see you guys then,



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