Who would’ve known I would’ve gotten so slack.

So, there’s been a lot happening and not a lot happening since July. I submitted a conference paper about my work to ACRA, the Australian Conference on Robotics and Automation which is going to be held in Brisbane in mid-December, so long as my paper gets accepted. It was a pretty shit paper really, but such is life. The ones I write post thesis will be better.

So, my Masters is officially due at the end on March. Home stretch! So, I’ve been fine tuning my algorithms and doing lots of theoretical testing so then I know my stuff works (which it does, kinda. What would you do if a person gestured ‘Go away’ but said ‘Hello’?) It works as well as you expect a machine to – with flaws.

We’ve been going to a few parties, doing some gardening (we have herbs, radishes and snow peas right now), and working lots. Oh, and our winter season sports finished – Rob came 2nd in his grade (soccer) and I came 3rd in mine (hockey). We’ve been having a good lazy break til summer sport starts (in about 3 weeks). And I know I’m being lazy, coz my muscles are aching from the lack of use. They’ll be fine. 😀

Went up to Wangaratta for Simon’s 21st (our flatmate), so visited some wineries while we were there.

The 21st’s theme was wear a hat.

But I don’t think Simon got a choice with his one:

Was a good fun night.

The gardening:

We don’t know who owns this rabbit, but its very cute. Its also the reason we have chicken wire over the gardens.

Out with the hockey girls for Jane’s farewell. She’s going to Europe for a couple of years.

Out with our Rusden friends, who we barely see now!

I’ll be coming back to NZ for 6 days in Oct (Thurs 18th – Wed 24th), so might be nice to catch up for lunch or drinks sometime. And watch the RWC final on Sunday morning.

Hope you’re all well. I’ll try to get some pictures/videos of my robot doing something up sometime.



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