On another of our weekends, we decided to check out one of the local museums. We decided to go to the general history one, the Fitzwilliam Museum (link). It’s FREE which is fantastic.

The Fitzwilliam Museum

They had a typical array of items for a standard english museum. There was armour and weapons.

Armour me up!

There were Roman and Greek statues and facades. Most of these were partial pieces or imperfect items which makes me think ‘B-grade’. But I suppose you can’t really compare a local museum to, like, the British Museum.

Roman and Greek

Little faces!

Little Roman Faces Roman Face

More interestingly, there was a temprature controlled room full of fans. Unusual, but quite beautiful. Reminded me of Aunty Elizabeth who collects fans. They were beautiful Aunty!

Historic Fans

On the way out of the museum, we took some snaps of the surprisingly ornate foyer. Very grand and detailed for such a small building.

Fitzy Foyer

Outside they had these fabulous lions! Reminded me of Trafalgar Square. GRRR!


They also had a brilliant sculpture garden outside. They moved with the wind and twisted and turned. Really beautiful. And then Rob leaped.

Framed Leap

It’s a great wee museum, though we might not go back again. I think the Scott Polar Exploration Museum and the Imperial War Museum (biggest plane collection in Europe or something…) will definitely be due the next touristy visit.

But it was good to see this one. The little ones are nice. 🙂

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