It took us a while to find. The market is very competitive here. Just renting, not buying. But for now, it’s ours. And we’re so thrilled…

Number 38

However, my first half hour with this red door here wasn’t all joy. My keys didn’t work and it was raining!

Stuck in the rain...

Darn it! But the real-estate agent came around and showed me how to get to the back door (we go through the second red door and walk round the back. 🙂 ) And then I was in!

The place is much larger than our apartment in St Kilda. This is a terraced house. 2 storeys even! It comes with a bed and book shelves. But otherwise…

We need furniture...

We needed furniture. So, the next day, we set off and bought some from ebay. Problem was, we had to carry them home.

Carrying the chairs home

It wasn’t *too* far. 0.7 miles. But when there’s 4 chairs, a small kitchen table and a wood plank, its quite heavy for two people.

Swap, new postiion Swap, new position 2!

But we made it, and the stuff it pretty good quality, but in dire need of a paint job. We may just call them shabby chic and be done with it – go the distrssed furniture!

Rob took this picture from the street outside our living room window.

We have furniture!

Now, our garden is quite a spacious thing, but was so overgrown!!

The lawn before...

Rob found an electric lawn mower. It’s not Bosch brand, but it’ll do. 🙂

It's not Bosch, but it'll do

And now we have a garden we can use! Lovely.

The lawn after!

That’s all for now, there’ll be more to come, promise! But we quite love this little place. I think we could stay here for our whole time in Cambridge!

Til next time,


P.S. For those of you not from NZ, whare means house.

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