For New Year’s Eve, we had heard rumours of Hogmanay in Edinburgh – a street party and concerts for 1000’s of people. We’d also heard how Edinburgh is freezing that time of year and every other year Hogmanay gets cancelled. Despite these negative points, with a bunch of friends going up to brave it as well, we booked our flights and shared acommodation. The apartment was pretty sweet. We stayed with Mel, her friend Paul and Eugene. Was great to […]


So, the last blog post was an overview of all the Harry Potter sightings we want to do. So far, we have done 4 of them. 10 more to go! So, we went to London Zoo as previously posted and saw 1. Reptile House, London Zoo On one afternoon wandering around London, we also went to try and find 4. Gringott’s Bank, London. My instructions had been to go to Australia House, the Australian embassy in London. Well, we got […]


Hope you’ve enjoyed having a wee nosy through all the previous posts that have been added to the site yesterday. There are quite a few photos in amongst those posts. I’ll try to make them more accessible in the future. We also have a new Photo Gallery page on the website for the flickr photos so far. But back to Europe. Our second day in Edinburgh was as stunning as the first. In the morning we just wandered around Old […]


So, after too short a time in York, we were on another train to Edinburgh! Our train trip from York to Edinburgh was stunning. The trainline followed up the east coast, sometime running along and coast line so we could see the cliffs, beaches and ocean. We *loved* Edinburgh. What an amazing city! That castle was spectacular. Like the skytower of the city, you could see it from almost anywhere. So awesome. We were reading the tour book, which was […]